Disney offers scissors to Charter's customers

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Hulu with Live TV includes like 100 cable channels and DVR service, along with Disney+ and ESPN+, for $65 per month. It’s a good deal. If you don’t want sports or Disney, Philo is a real bargain at $25 per month.




thanks for ruining the US Open for me ya greedy bastards.


Normally I’d agree but my only choice for internet isComcast… err XFinity (aka the Blackwater and Phillip Morris of cable companies that keeps changing names) and the cost to get the internet good enough to work at home let alone stream anything is more than that. The actual basic cable is like $5 a month… maybe $15 with box rental.

If Charter is anything like that, plenty of folks can’t really cut the cord.


Many years ago Disney battled with Time Warner cable in Houston over cartoons. At some point Disney pulled all their content from Time Warner, just as the Rockets were in the playoffs which was being shown on local ABC. Mickey can be a real asshole sometimes.



“We’ve almost always avoided these kinds of disputes and disruptions to your service. But we had to draw a line in the sand on your behalf. We haven’t been able to stop programmers from increasing the cost of your channels and your packages. So we think that making sure to get value from the programming that you pay for, well, that’s worth fighting for. …And, to the majority who don’t actually watch Disney content, we’re sorry that Disney makes you pay for channels you don’t watch.”

So, when it’s not added back, are you going to reduce the bills? Didn’t think so.


Getting all your TV watching via IP is great, but what happens when there’s a cap on the nmber of bits you can send across the wire? Our only option in my town is comcast. Back in December, I learned I had a limit of 1229 GB for the month, which, due to weather and being stuck at home, we surpassed. They were kind souls to give a free pass once every 12 months. Last month, I started getting warnings I was getting close. But we weren’t stuck at home all month. I work from home a lot, but I don’t move big files around. I can’t imagine that cutting the coax cord will make us use less internet. So WTF am I supposed to do?

I guess you could try streaming at lower video quality to reduce data usage, if you haven’t already set it up that way. I think all the streaming platforms have that option.

For example, the lower quality setting for Disney+ used 0.7 GB per hour, which means that you could stream 24 hours a day all month and still use less than half of your 1229 GB data cap.


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