Disneyland fan re-creates the Haunted Mansion in Animal Crossing, and it's glorious

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My GF has some more turnips to sell!

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So do I! http://www.krawczukindustries.com/classifieds/2682/need-dodo-code-for-island-with-high-turnip-selling-price/looking-for/

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Her next room is just going to be filled with stuffed animals. I suggested they should all worship that giant bear she has, but there are a lot of options.


Hmmm correlation between 16 years since playing a video game, and having a 15 year old kid? I think I remember a similar hiatus in listening to most of my loud rock records :smiley:

I wondered who would notice that! I was pregnant and didn’t sleep for months… so I stayed up ALL NIGHT playing Sims. :slight_smile:

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