Disneyland Paris bans 3-year-old boy from princess event, then apologizes

When my son was about four, he asked me to play Star Wars. He wanted to be the Princess, and I was Han Solo. That all went out the window when he saw Sailor Moon. He just had to be Sailor Moon!


So, the last time I was at Disneyland/California Adventure, it was about 110 degrees and muggy. And I saw this little girl about 6 dressed in a full-on velvet Maleficent getup. Right down to purple lipstick.

I said “Great outfit!” and she crooked her fingers into claws and hissed at me. Her parents were dying of laughter. Greatest kid ever.


That is awesome!

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Paris — suddenly so uptight.

I blame Macron.

What if I’m a 40-odd year old guy? I’m about 20min away from Disneyland. May just be worth trying…

My daughter’s favorite characters in order:

  1. Jafar from Aladdin
  2. Ursula the sea witch
  3. Darth Vader
  4. O the owl
  5. The wolves that attack Belle and the Beast
  6. Batman
  7. Hades
  8. The rancor
  9. Judy Hopps
  10. Princess Leia

She has never actually seen Star Wars, which is the strange thing. She has just had books read to her and keeps asking to watch light saber fights.


On boy, your kid is either going to become a superhero or supervillain at this rate.


Yeah, I actually believe them when they say this was a random staff member, and not the policy or attitude of the plac, although how high on the middle management ladder this attitude goes is something that needs to be sussed out. Staff members can bring their own weird close-minded shit, or even not realize what they are doing if it’s not something they’ve faced before. They may even be pulling a Kim Davis and deciding to use their position as a cudgel against the oncoming hordes of open-minded barbarians.

While visiting the fucking statue of liberty with my wife’s cousin, who was visiting the US for the first time from Shanghai, the ticket taker said to him: “You need to get those nails cut” as he wears his nails fairly long in a traditional way. My wife complained to the main office, and the guy went to talk to the ticket taker, but then they all just stood together staring at us across the field, talking to each other…and, that was it, no apology, no nothing. At the very least, I doubt that’s in line with the statue’s policy to make rude, xenophobic/homophobic comments…


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