Disneyland Paris bans 3-year-old boy from princess event, then apologizes


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It’s weird to realize that I’ve seen young boys that like Elsa for some reason. Maybe it’s become my generation was heavily forced into the “these are for boys and those are for girls” mentality. It’s heartening though to see that this mold is starting to shake off. Maybe in a century our species will realize what people like is largely arbitrary and kids should be kids (as in let them enjoy what they like if they’re not bullying other kids while doing it).


Disneyland: in name only


When I was little my two favorite Disney characters* were Megara and Mulan. My mom didn’t think that was weird so the mold has been breaking for a while.

*Also Basil of Baker Street. And The Rocketeer.


She’s basically Frozone except with the power to actually create life itself. (And dresses I guess?)


I can’t even get through this article. Something hits a nerve, and I can’t begin to describe why.
All I can say is, ‘Let our people be!!’


Even Marines, they start to really get into it about 1:45


It’s fun to tell kids a fairy tale. But we hope that the child will eventually outgrow absolute belief in a fairy tale, either through life experiences or education. You don’t want to have to explain to an adult that you can’t spin straw into gold and real-life princesses are anything but magical.

What we tell children about gender is a fairy tale. I feel sorry for the folks who enter adulthood still believing that nonsense.


The Princess events at Disney World in Florida are often attended by boys and they’re quite clear that boys and girls are both welcome to be either Princes or Princesses.


At 3 with a hair cut like that, who wouldn’t think it wasn’t a girl?


Except for that outburst towards the end, this looks a lot like a video I have of my 9 year old nephew and his friends. Elsa has struck a chord with the guys.


I don’t understand the concern even for bigots, my favorite Disney movies were Robin Hood and The Fox and the Hound and I didn’t grow into the furry I was seemingly destined to be.


Sadly, I think it’s not that the strict rules for boys are any less enforced today, as that the small number of people who don’t buy into that sexist, transphobic, homophobic BS now have the megaphone of social media to give them more power. Which is a good thing, just don’t let stories like this give you a false impression that the battle is anywhere near the tipping point yet.


I can’t like your comment enough, Fox and the Hound and Robin Hood were absolutely at the top of movies I liked as a kid.

Those Robin Hood songs are stuck in my head to this day.


I disapprove of any child of any gender’s wish to go to Disney Princess For A Day events but I will defend to the death their right to do so.

(And actually the latest disney princess movies are kind of good.)


Oohdelolly, oohdelolly, golly what a day.

Rewatched that a few months ago. It holds up, though it is a bit more noticeably 70s than it was as a kid.


All I’m gonna say is that every single female friend I’ve ever had has (at some point after a few drinks) admitted that they still have the hots for foxy Robin Hood.

And some of the guys, too. The ones who didn’t admit to Jessica Rabbit fantasies, anyway.

They’ve just released the soundtrack on CD for the first time! I need to get it.


Sounds like someone from a conservative household had a bad first day on the job.


If you get a tiara at Disneyland and wear it, all the cast members will refer to you as “Princess”. Even if you’re a 40-year-old woman. :grin:


I’d make a terrible Disney princess, but I think I’d make a damn fine Disney witch.