Disney's 'Encanto' looks fantastic

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Have to agree, that looks absolutely delightful! Hope its on Disney+ before my subscription expires.


This trailer was a color explosion, with some really cool looking camera moves for some of the action scenes. Animation has advanced so far beyond what I experienced as a child, it makes me wonder how it can get any better, and yet it always seems to do so.


Well, I’m sold.

Plus, I’m currently binging Brooklyn-99; so it is nice to hear Stephanie Beatriz playing a more animated character than Detective Diaz.


Looks beautiful. Walt Disney Animation Studios has definitely been putting in the work to catch up with sister studio Pixar when it comes to CGI animation.

For reference, this is an example of the CGI feature film animation that Disney Animation Studios was able to produce while Pixar was making gorgeously rendered films like Cars and Ratatouille:


They’ve come a long way!


What’s with the air.tv links? Here is the official upload without all the extra artifacts (I’m a stickler for primary sources for stuff like this):


What if Disney adapted 100 Years of Solitude and made it into an animated musical?


One can only hope that an adaptation of Beckett’s How It Is would follow shortly thereafter.


apparently, mentions of this fine video service need mod approval now :roll_eyes:

Guys, I don’t care what you use to support the site, just shut off the autoplay. It’s user hostile.

Huh, I don’t recall the new video app causing any autoplay for me.

I know what you mean by “better”, yet old-timey animation is perfectly fine. I prefer it to the modern stuff.

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Better is a not a great descriptor, I should have said more complex and realistic. I do like old animation as well, I find the evolution of different styles and techniques over the decades fascinating.

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Are they being paid to support this video site? It’s weird how most of the video links here point to some cloned video there. It comes off as a low rent Dailymotion.

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