Ditch the toolbox with the 10 Bit Cycop Bitool - only $39.99


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10 bits? That’s over 1,000 different tools!


Are you looking for a job writing copy for the BoingBoing Store?


/attempts high-five, misses wildly


So you’re saying it’s almost worth the 40 bucks?


How much just for the crappy ratchet tool? I picked up the bits for about five bucks and can’t imagine that the ratchet is worth $35.


This handy tool replaces the mountain of tools that’s been driving you nuts…

No it doesn’t. It looks useful, but who writers this drivel?


Useful tool, insane price. How about the one for $8.50 with 6 bits on Amazon? buy more of the bits you actually need and will use. An extension is useful too.


“its slim aluminum casing”… Do yourself a favor and PLEASE stay away from tools made from aluminum. Save yourself the money and possibly the injury. Plenty of dog bone bit drivers made from tool steel on the market for way less than this.


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