A ratcheting screwdriver set for working in tight spots


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I could actually take the face plate off my sewing machine without having to resort to the stubby.


This is my very favorite hand tool. Spring for the extra hex/allen bits - it will revolutionize your IKEA assembly experience.


I’ve been using one of these for years. Definitely a handy tool when needed. Mine is an older version of HF Item#92630 ($3)


… working in tight spots


I’m a little concerned about the “ratcheting”. :thinking:


PSA: ratcheting bit drivers are a common tool, a version or several version made by almost every major tool maker. If you care about tools enough to not buy the very first such tool that presents itself to you, some easy research will present a world of choices at a vast range of prices and even larger range of quality.

What I’m trying to say is don’t be that person that just buys this one.


I have one and used it once in a couple decades. Definitely a niche thing unless you don’t have other proper tools. Bought it to use as the lightest that would work for emergency backcountry ski binding repairs but luckily have not needed that.


bought one when replacing the heating element in my samsung dryer (a nearly complete disassemble, so much harder than just “popping off the back” like dryers of old) and this thing is super great.

You do have to watch the ratchet direction latch; that can flip if you don’t have your hand on it.


So…buy all of them?


Well it looks like it comes with Pozidriv bits, which will go a long way towards improving your IKEA assembly experience.


Just saying.

(The one I bought in the end had special short bits that make it only about 1.5cm tall, but it still works with normal hexagonal bits, of which I have a large selection box).


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