Great deal on a 24-in-1 precision screwdriver that's just as good as Wirecutter's pick

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Be aware that while this looks like a really good deal, the wirecutter recommended model is a ratcheting screwdriver. Since that is a feature I really wanted in a screwdriver and the Megapro that wirecutter suggested is quite costly, I eventually purchased this one and it seems to be working fine for now

The 13-in-1 standard megapro they recommend is ratcheting, but not the 24-in-1 precision model they like.

Any recommendations for a decent cheap precision nutdriver? I have to open up an old IBM Model M13 keyboard to replace the cable, the holes are only slightly wider than the 5.5mm hex head screws and the walls of my standard sockets won’t fit. I don’t want to spent a big chunk of change for a one-off job.

I despise tools like this. Inevitably the most useful bits get lost, rearranged on the caddy, or worn down.

Looks nice. But I tend to prefer a small grip on small screwdrivers to make it harder to accidentally over torque them. I might be over thinking it, though.

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Since the comments were closed off on all BB Store posts, I really appreciate Rob and Mark taking up the slack. Even if some of Mark’s posts are reBoings with the original comments thread linked but long since closed. :wink:


This might be called a “precision screwdriver”, but it doesn’t have a lot of the features I associate with the type. My precision screwdrivers all have a swiveling end cap that lets you brace the end in your palm or with your index finger and then hold the tapering handle with all of your fingers. This leads to a much steadier grip for targeting tiny screws:

This unit doesn’t appear to have a swiveling endcap (ETA: At least one review says it does!), and the barrel looks too fat to comfortably hold/turn with my fingertips. This (still) puts it squarely in the category of “cool screwdriver with lots of handy tips”, but it’s not a precision screwdriver.

I’m often pedantic, but in this case, I’m not wearing my pedant hat - just pointing out that the linked product is missing an important feature that you might care about. Also, the tips are going to get lost. To really do the job, you need something like this Wiha set. Expensive, and bulky, but its the right set for precision work.


Yeah, even my cheap ones have those. It does making turning easier.

Wirecutter is…not good.

Can you explain your opinion? Up to this point I’ve been a fan of Wirecutter, but I’ve been stupid before.

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Really just one bad experience, which may not be fair—bought a wifi range extender they said was the best and it didn’t work well. But their tone irritates me, which is just a personal thing I guess.

Yes, one positive thing about open BB store comments was the ensuing discussion of, and recommendations for, products other than the one being sold. The argument might be that anyone can start their own threads for these, but they wouldn’t have the same draw/participation level as store threads (or threads started by BB principals).


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Ending up ordering one, it does swivel.

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