This $12 set of 45 screw-driving bits gets a lot of use

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Here’s the real question, do the bits fit EASILY back in their assigned area? I can’t get the bits back in on my black box dewalt kit.


Just don’t expect them to last long if you use them in an impact driver.

I have these - they fit pretty well back in their little holders. And the bit last a good amount of time. The yellow is helpful for not losing it when working on a project.

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Yes exactly. This case is probably the worst designed thing I’ve ever owned. I stared at it in confusion. Eventually it went in the garbage.


Could use a Chapman mini-ratchet to make this set supreme.

This is really cool. Have you used this tool yet? I think it can be very useful when I have to install switches and other things in a tight rack.

The zOMG All The Bits! bit kits as a genre seem to be made of somewhat shabbier stuff than dedicated screwdrivers are. That said, given the tendency of modern electronics to have obnoxious numbers of size/head type permutations (with different collections by vendor or even model) it would really sting to have to pay full classy screwdriver price for the infrequent occasion you need some ‘security’ oddball.

I used to work at a place that issued us those in our field toolkit.

That little Chapman ratchet is fantastic. Mate it with an extension, and a screwdriver handle, and suddenly all those bits have a lot more utility.

Except there isn’t a single security oddball in there. It’s mostly #2 phillips head bits. Granted those are the most useful bit. The selection of torx bits is woefully inadequate. There’s not a single pozi drive bit.

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