This ratchet wrench set with 18 driver bits is great for tight spots

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This tool is great. I have one and it used it while changing a coolant flange on my older Audi. The part sits on the back of the engine next to the firewall. Needless to say it was a tight spot.

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And, if the illustration is correct, Torx (possibly tamper-resistant).

Yep, if I had a pristine Si (110) surface for every time I vacuum chucked a phone under a magnifier to add RAM and forgot to unscrew it, Iā€™d still have 0, but that looks pretty cool.


How much RAM would a vacuum chuck if a vacuum could chuck RAM?


For about the same price Iā€™d take a look at the GearWrench version of this instead (GearWrench 85035 35 Pc MicroDriver Set). Unless I am mistaken, the Gearwrench has way more teeth in the ratchet, allowing ratcheting drive in tighter spaces.

I used the heck out of mine for years now. My only complaint is my 1/4ā€ drive requires a lot of force to push back out of the handle.

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