Diver William Walker spent five years under Winchester Cathedral to restore the building's foundations


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Were his actions truly futile?


Looks pretty convincingly like Jamie Hyneman to me.


I got a very nice postcard of William Walker while visiting Winchester Cathedral.


For some reason, my mind can’t disassociate that song from ‘Screaming Yellow Zonkers’ popcorn snack. maybe the timeline?


Mine can’t disassociate it with Lady Godiva, Snoopy vs. the Red Baron, and They’re Coming to Take Me Away. Our local rock stations had a real love of novelty hits, and '66 was a good year for them. (Oddly, none of these were very popular in my father’s record store on Chicago’s South Side, though they had their own bins in the 45 section.)


Maybe it came down to being lucky enough to have disposable $$$ for such ‘luxuries’.

I’m guessing that based on my dad’s side of the family having “all” the moolah then, and most of our cousins from that side had tons of novelty records (along with all the latest toys!!) My mom’s side? Nope.


This is about Mr Walker, and is lovely.


Appropriate that someone spending so much time in the water has a walrus mustache.


A couple of chaps a diver might want to stay on the right side of.


I think it was more a matter of my father’s clientele having good musical taste. He sold plenty of records, but mainly from the R&B charts (which were pretty phenomenal that year).


**That’s certainly true.

The gist of my argument though (backed by my personal single data point of experience, woo-hoo) had to do with age range (perhaps 14 and younger?), skewed preference for silly novelty songs, and the funds to indulge in the silliness. (Or maybe said kids didn’t know about your dad’s stock?)

**I have this one acquaintance (in his 60s now), from Chicago, who listens to nothing but Motown. I tried to introduce him long ago to a couple of promising current R&B artists who were very heavily influenced by Motown music, but he wouldn’t have it. Oh, well.


Well, not to be too blunt about it, but if you look at the posted video of Winchester Cathedral those are some of the whitest musicians you’ll ever see.


Winchester Cathedral? Oooookaaayyy. But I thought we were talking about R&B?


No, I was trying to come up with an explanation why the novelty songs did not sell well in my dad’s South Side store.





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