DIY Giant Epoxy Resin Handle Screwdriver


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Cool project, but for real nostalgic authenticity it needs to be made from genuine stinky screwdriver handle plastic: cellulose acetate butyrate.

I suppose you could just use some butyric acid to give the appropriate smell of decaying cellulose acetate butyrate… :thinking:


I recently opened a tupperware saltine cracker storage container that my family had probably had around since the 80s. It STANK. like a weird musty chemical smell. we ended up throwing it out. it wasnt a vomit smell so maybe not the same thing as the screwdriver… but some sort of plastic decomposition was happening…


I want that to drive into the skull of however approved the new tax codes. Really.


That much silicon mold material and epoxy resin is getting near $300, and I have no idea what the metal part cost. Expensive little trinket.


Roger That!


I seriously need a gamebit version of this.


I really hope they make a giant toolbox next.


Ceci n’est pas un ciseau


He’s really just a very tiny guy. Fake.


Right up there with those 30 pound hamburger videos. Doable but stupid. woftam.


That’s a Huge Jackman.


Talk about burying the lede, he also made a giant stanley knife like it’s nothing


You may want to use spoiler tags there…

Edit to add:

[spoiler] at the end of the video there is a good joke.[/spoiler]

Will show up like this:

no need to ruin other peoples surprise.


good call. not everyone will just skip thru it like i did :smiley:


This would be good to bring to a council meeting because yet again, you’re screwing us!!!


Évidemment, c’est un grand tournevis.


Obviously, you’re not a golfer. Apparently there are fewer former shop class students that also appreciate art than I thought.


One of my proudest boasts. I’m struggling to make the association, though.

Let’s see: Screwdriver > chisel* > chip carving > chip shots > golf (with a side branch to cheap shots at shop students).

Nope. The Magritte connection still eludes me.

*Guessing that you may have been citing the old handyman’s adage, “All tools are hammers except chisels, and they’re screwdrivers.”


Oh, you mean the white house at present? A giant container with tons of giant tools.