DIY medical devices undercut inflated costs


This feels odd to me…
On the one hand, I love prosthetics, specifically the idea that we can in some cases build prosthetics that are better than the parts they’re replacing. If I could get a brain controlled robot hand that’s at least as dexterous and twice as strong as my current biological hand, I’d be very tempted to get it.

On the other hand, I’m not sure about home made/DIY medical devices on a gut feeling level. If I buy a prosthetic from an industry recognized device maker, I know they have to jump through the FDA’s hoops and comply with standards of quality and safety. Whereas if I buy from a guy in Jo-burg working out of his metal shop, I don’t have a legally backed guarantee of quality and safety.

Although, I’d probably be happy using a device I made myself. Which probably says more about me and my mistrust than the guy in his garage.

Reminds me according to a doctor friend at the time, apparently in the 80s people that needed voice boxes (emphysema patients) could either pay >$400 for an official medical box or they could buy some $4 toy made by Tomy and achieve the same thing. Maybe it was this

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