DIY method for transmitting audio in large spaces directly to people's hearing aids

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That connex/metlink induction loop pre-dates both organisations. Its just that the sign had to be updated to match the operator. These induction systems have been in some Melbourne train stations pretty much since the construction of the underground rail loop.

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This isn’t anew thing. Hearing aids had inductive pickups touse with telephones, so I’m pretty sure the loops followed, though I don’t know if someone made a leap, or it was figured out from the start of inductive pickups in hearing aids.

I once tried a loop in my room. But when I used the turntable, tge cartridge wouod pick uo what was coming from the loop, and there’d be feedback.

Some of this has changed. My hearing aid has bluetooth, though I don’t know if that works for broadcasting. But, the bluetooth isn’t in the hearing aid. There’s a controller to wear around my neck, and it receives bluetooth, then transmits to the hearing aid with a small inductive loop, except it operates around 13MHz. The controller also has a jack, so I can plug in an audio source.

I went out and got a cheap mp3 player with bluetooth, no more headphone wires.

The hearing aid also mentions some other methods of getting audio into the hearing aid, but lacks details.

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Sounds good. Sorta. My wife has hearing loss, and hearing aids. However, as she also has Lyme disease, she is sensitive to EMF. Sounds like science fiction, but it really is so. I’m not sure she would be able to thole an induction loop like that.

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Maybe she can use the loop without the hearing aid :wink:

Induction systems are very common, for example vehicle detectors at traffic lights. If she is OK with those she should be okay with this hearing aid system. And anyway everybody walks through the field regardless of whether they are using it.

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The nductive loop is just audio fed into a loop of wire. So not really “EMF”

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