Make a covert radio pen with bone conduction speaker




Anyone else remember these?


I admit a serious case of jealousy envy towards this guy.



Very very true. Corrected!


Just saw the Homer thing 5 minutes ago and couldn’t resist.


You cannot make a mistake with a Simpsons reference! :smiley:


I once had an opportunity to tour a local home that housed one of the largest private collections of modern art in the country. It’s a very large, 3 story house, with 1 bedroom and no TV. One of the pieces was created by performance artist Laurie Anderson. It’s a small wooden desk, like you might have seen in an old schoolhouse. There are two indention carved out on the top, about 18" apart. You rest your elbows in the indentions, then put your fingers in your ears, and suddenly you hear music.


“Always stay in character, and no flirting with pretty moms… TO THE EXTREME! ”



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