Extreme bass in car stereos trigger orgasms?


ordering stereo amplifiers now… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Women respond to bass. Renegade Soundwave told us this back in 1992.


Obligatory xkcd link.

And also: in the linked video, it would appear she’s sitting directly over the speaker cone, just sayin’


It’s the size of your woofers, boys, so get out them credit cards. There is absolutely no way this is simply male wish-fulfillment.


It’s worth noting that there are huge numbers of videos of women apparently having orgasms caused by having sex. But there’s some speculation that not all of those orgasms are real.

There’s probably a way of working up a Meg Ryan / Sally Albright joke here, but meh.


I don’t suppose this video was produced by a speaker manufacturer/installer was it?


I did a lot of experimental sound in the nineties and early 2000’s. Some women who I had recording voice samples were over 10 feet away from my subs and experienced good vibrations. I also learned that differing frequencies would focus on the chestal region as well as the crotchal.

With my sound experiments I could vibrate specific stuff in my house off the walls, make objects walk across surfaces and even create wind patterns that could sway objects like loose posters on the walls.

I’ve got video of it in a storage facility, I should probably dig it up and post it on the Internet tubes. It was shot on miniDV with a Canon XL1, so I’m going to have to buy something that reads those old MiniDV cassettes.


No woman has ever, ever faked an orgasm. There is clearly no need to be skeptical of these claims.


So they will go deaf as well as blind :smile:


Did you say Crotchal? Huh… huh… Beavis… He just said Crotchal…

Couldn’t help myself…


I personally like the tied to the chair, hand over the throat, Hitachi method myself. But I guess if you need to spend 30K on speakers… have at it…

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I am waiting for the Mythbusters episode.


I’ve noticed that guys who are really good at bass music can ‘aim’ the bass to target different parts of the body with a big system, or even make it feel like it’s sweeping up and down by sliding through the right frequencies. It’s wild.

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ok, i want equal rights for guys in this. gimme my orgasm-inducing bass! no bass, no peace!

Sounds like they might benefit from autotune.

why do I find this so weird and kind of creepy? It’s like a blast of unexpected sexuality, something that is typically very private but then exposed casually as if its common. Then the over indulgent spending race and the seemingly foreign culture that supports it, dudes standing around bored, the beavis and butthead reactions of the onlooking dudes and them recording it, women dancing to the too loud music with an uncomfortable look of obligation on thier face… it’s kind of a mess my head doesn’t know what to do with.

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Couldn’t help myself…

Filthy habits.

I couldn’t ever get it to work on men. I mean, you’d feel it down there and in the chest, etc. but the effects were never as titillating.