Why some people get "skin orgasms" from listening to music


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The experience is called frisson […] Some researchers have even dubbed it a ‘skin orgasm.’

Those would be the researchers who know a thing or two about marketing.


How quaint.
Here in the 21st century we have a different source of skin orgasms – mostly from basic pleasure model skin-jobs…


I get that every time I break out the ole’ Helen Reddy Christmas album.

[note Friday sarcasm]


Oh, I love being a pedant, Mark: ‘frisson’ isn’t pronounced ‘free-sawn’.

First, learn to roll that ‘r’, then learn to not pronounce that ‘n’. It’s roughly the same vowel as that in ‘own’ but with a little nasality. Frrrree-sown. And “shiver” pretty much covers what it means.

While google translates it primarily as ‘thrill’, shiver as about as close as you’ll get in english to its primary meaning. Other meanings: the small ripples on the water, stirrings/hints,…


Somebody send all the ASMR fans a bunch of tickets on this clue-train.


Depends what you are into, but for me it Is that first full root-5-root low B power chord at the start of Liquid Tension Experiment’s “Acid Rain”.


Up until I first heard about this, I thought everyone got this. :laughing: Then I got a little sad to hear some don’t.


That was my first thought too! Who are these poor people?


I remember thinking that at the time I was hearing it. It’s a good test to see if you’re part of the 67%.


I’ve wondered about this my whole life, nice to know it’s a recognized phenomenon and that others feel it, too. :slight_smile:


It’s an English word, you know. You don’t have to pretend you’re French. Kind of like retroflexing the R in rendezvous.


You’re right: I don’t need to pretend. 'Cuz I AM French. :-p


Oh yea, nice excuse! I bet everybody who wants to speak French pretends to be French and acts all French because they’re too good to speak English like normal people…


The music of Miles Davis (who would’ve been 90 yesterday) does this for me. The opening of “Bitches Brew,” for example, or any number of places in Miles Ahead. (In fact, merely thinking about either of these will do it.)

As for films, the scene in Godfather II when Vincenzo Pentangeli shows up with Michael Corleone during Frankie Pentangeli’s Senate testimony does this to me, as well. Something about the editing, right when Michael (who’s being searched) turns to face Frankie.


From the completely not-worth-watching “The American President”:

Speaking of ‘frissons’, I shuddered when I saw that scene. Annette Bening’s french was better than the actor playing the part of the French president. Yeah, I too had to wait for her translation to understand what the heck it was he was supposed to have said.

It was as if the actor playing the French president, Clement von Franckenstein, (yes, really!) (son of Austrian aristocratic parents, who grew up in the UK and lives in the USA) had learned what a french accent (or at least what passes for a french accent in American movies) is supposed to sound like, by reading about it in a book (…rather than simply asking all those wanna-be actors working in Hollywood restaurants).


I wonder if his accent is any better in this


[quote=“Gyrofrog, post:16, topic:78742”]The opening of “Bitches Brew,” for example[/quote](Oh, how can I possibly resist posting this again?)


This only happens to me when I hum.