DIY transparent screen (cat not included)

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Ages ago I used to have an IBM Thinkpad. You could take the back and the light source off the LCD screen, and then balance it on an overhead projector to do a presentation. This was amazingly scary. However, if you had the sun coming through the window you could add a diffuser (a bit of shower curtain was the best) and you had a daylight readable monitor.


It was a nice way to use older monitors. less clear than the one in the video, but easy to separate the backlight from the lcd without breaking anything. If you’ve got a scrap monitor lying around it’s a quick and fun way to spend an hour.


They missed the classic use case: filming an actor and the screen they are using in the same frame.

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I guess this is less surprising to all those people who habitually take things apart to see how they work.
Other people do that too right?

If the things are very, very, good I even put them back together to see if they still work after I’m done…

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