DNA bread


“pretzels indicate base pairs”

That’s incorrect. The pretzels represent the strands of DNA, i.e., the two parts of the helix. The purple bars represent the base pairs.

I thought the “purple bars” were the pretzels. . .

Franklin 6:11: Give us this day our DNA bread.

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Z-DNA! Plenty of science texts even get that one wrong.

Better than most, but still too many base pairs per turn of the helix (assuming vertical base pairs hidden where the backbones cross in the two-dimensional projection).

No one could make it like my grandma used to; you could really taste the thymine.


Double helicious.


@deathisastar sorry for the confusion–the main body of the freshly baked wheat pretzels are indeed the main DNA strands. The smaller rye pretzels (which do show up as sort of purple) are base pairs. Thanks for the clarification, @WarrenTerra! Next iteration will try to take these into account :smile:

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