DNC Host Committee composed of GOP megadonors, Net Neutrality haters, fracking boosters and anti-Obamacare lobbyists


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Wait, isn’t this just the group that is just organizing the event right? Aren’t they just glorified party planners?


As far as I can tell, the host committee is set up by the city that is hosting the event. The city uses people who they think will be able to raise money for the convention itself to entice whichever party they’re courting to hold their conventions in the city. That way the DNC/RNC don’t have to foot the full bill for the convention I guess.

I’m not entirely sure their political affiliation matters. They aren’t part of the convention any more than conference organizers are.


angry comment about the real reason Bernie won’t get the nomination.


This is how they win back Bernie supporters?

In a vacuum, maybe I’m with @Aloisius and they are just party planners. But in context of the Clinton’s past dealings…


I think the Host Committee was chosen before the primary started. Philadelphia was selected in February of last year.

I imagine it was the head of the DNC who made the choice.


DNC Host Committee composed of GOP megadonors, Net Neutrality haters, fracking boosters and anti-Obamacare lobbyists


“I imagine it was the head of the DNC who made the choice.”
“But in context of the Clinton’s past dealings…”

Just put the above 2 posts together… i.e. back to the ‘downward slide’ of USA.


But it makes no sense whatsoever. If Bernie Sanders is the nominee, the hosting committee will still have all these people on it.

Would that mean Bernie Sander’s is pro GOP megadonors and anti-Net Neutrality?


You know… the cyberpunk future we were promised is a lot more exciting than the one we live in, which has all the soul crushing fear and disenfranchisement, with none of the coolness.

Then again none of us are washed out uberhackers that got burned out and are getting scraped up from a downward spiral for one last job, secret government thugs trying to avoid getting back in the life, quirky fashion consultants with an aversion to the michilan man, or child prodigies.


Hush now. Don’t you know the second Bernie gets the nominations the entire DNC, and I guess all related planning committees, will change into rainbow coloured marxist leaning giant tubs of Ben and Jerry ice cream, and all the woes of the US of A will disappear overnight.


That’s pretty much it. There’s also never going to be a major Dem event in Philly that doesn’t include Rendell - he was the former Mayor credited with saving the City, a former Governor & the former DNC Chair. There’s never going to be a major fundraising ask that doesn’t include asking Comcast - our largest company - if not nearly so fondly thought of an institution as Ed.

Not that I’m overjoyed with Ed being on the Fix Is In.


well. not all of us at any rate.


His colleagues on the committee include co-chair Allyson Schwartz, head of the anti-Obamacare lobbying group Better Medicare Alliance, financed by funds laundered by PR giant APCO…

I used to live just outside Schwartz’s district, and I know her a little bit, and [Citation fucking Needed]. I just combed through her organization’s site, as well as the wiki, and neither one even mentions Obamacare. They’re concerned with Medicare, as the title suggests.

I’m not too crazy about Schwartz. She’s definitely an old-school K-street Democrat. But her group is not an anti-Obamacare group, and publicly funding a 501©3 is not generally considered a form of money laundering. Do you guys just make this shit up, or is there a secret website we commoners don’t have access to?


You’re not the One?!?

The rest of us certainly are!


Look, among all of us here in the comments we know who the One is, we just won’t be so gauche as to mention out loud who it is.


Isn’t this just a case of people getting on board with the eventual winner so they can get their way? Typical politics.


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