After DNC Chair's tell-all book, Elizabeth Warren proclaims 2016 primary was "rigged"


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The nomination that would have been an unopposed coronation except for the weird old uncle, who wasn’t on the mailing list, not getting that news?

Rigged? Ha!


Another groundbreaking finding from the N. S. Sherlock institute of current events.


I am frustrated by this, only because “the primary was rigged!” is burying the real story: Wasserman-Schultz ran the party into the ground, financially, and needed Clinton to bail her ass out. That’s the real story.


That is NOT the “real story.” The real story is that Democrats as a group have not yet wised up to what actually occurred last year, and may not do so in time to make a comeback next year, in spite of all the general hatred against Trump, his low ratings, very high disapproval of Congress as well… The real story is the left’s failure to capitalize on the GOP’s low moment and use the momentum.


Well, now I don’t feel like a conspiracy theorist anymore. Time to recycle that foil hat.


The democratic process in the USA was subverted and you’re worried about poor money management?


We have come quite a way from this

in the last year.


It was pretty obvious. All you had to do was look at the crowds at the primary speeches.


Brazile is trying to sound like the voice of integrity in a desperate effort to save what little is left of her reputation. As a CNN employee she unethically sneaked debate questions to the Clinton camp, and when she moved to the DNC she was 100% complicit in the deals between the Clinton campaign and the party leadership. She’s pointing at Clinon and shouting “squirrel”, but it was the DNC leadership,starting with DWS but including Brazile, that suffered the big ethical lapse. The Clinton campaign exploited it, but they were representing themselves with the main job of winning the nomination, not representing the party as a whole with the primary job of carrying out party policy.


Got to say I’m disappointed in Warren.


If “it was rigged” comes as news to you, then you seriously need to bust your information bubble. The rigging was starkly evident during the primary, and especially after the DNC email leaks. (And yeah, there’s evidence it was internally leaked).

What is news,is that the democratic party now has a inkling of a chance to clear house and maybe build something with integrity, but given the cult leader status of HRC, I doubt this is going to happen.


“rigged” “rigged” “rigged”?



The nomination was tanked from the moment that news organizations took up the nasty habit of combining the tally of yet-to-be-cast superdelegate votes with the delegate counts of primary outcomes.

From day one the graph looked like this, months and months before the election: If you know anything about the psychology of persuasion, and how social proof works, and specifically, the bandwagon effect, this was devastating.



I thought it was the super delegates declaring their loyalty before the primary occurred? That’s just reporting the news.


And basically the same minded group of democrats are still in charge of the Party. And they will likely continue to lose because of it.


And of course Donald Trump saw Warren’s “rigged” quote and thought “time to go full racist!”


Wow, that’s gotta track as hate speech.


And time once against to expose himself as just not knowing anything about anything. The FBI is not going to investigate how the Democrats chose their presidential nominee.