Do double the good with eco-friendly produce bags from a brand that gives back

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If anyone plans on buying these, be aware that some states have started to temporarily ban the use of reusable shopping bags due to Covid-19.


I was just about to say. The timing of this post is horribly tone-deaf.


Welcome to the boingboingshop where tone deaf, antithetical contempt for the readership isn’t just our motto, it’s our business model!


Which has actually been heavily pushed for by the makers of plastic bags.

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How is it that we can get the supply chain going for disposable plastic bags but not disposable gloves and other PPE? Or can we? Do we have enough disposable bag to eschew using resusables?


I have a bunch of old coffee burlap bags I got for free from a local coffee shop. I was going to use them.


IIRC, it’s a shop. BB is, in effect, renting out a storefront and the ability to post as boingboingshop to them. Gotta pay the bills!


As long as you remember to wash your reuseable canvas bags between expeditions, they should be fine. Mine are going into the laundry today.

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In NH, at least, you’re not to bring them into any stores; a measure to protect workers. (ETA I’ve seen signs posted at entrances about this.)

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Hm. If I bag the groceries myself… I haven’t heard of contamination being spread by surface to surface contact (i.e. bag on grocery counter). The checker has a bigger risk by handling the items I’ve chosen to buy (and vice versa.) Last time I went into Safeway, however, the checker scanned everything in the cart with a hand scanner without handling it. I’ve already been doing that at Costco for faster checkout (it puts the items in the box with the barcode showing…) and did it without thinking, and she just whipped right through it.


So you can carry your guitar n ne?

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My state requires customers to pack their own groceries if they’ve brought reusable bags.

Is that right now,or did it exist before?

Thirty years ago, at least locally, the debate was paper versus plastic bags. But lots of cashiers asked if yiu wanted a bag, so it was easy to decline. Th stores were also cutting back on bagger, making it easy to put things n whatever bag yku brought from home.

But since then, a lot of grocery stores have been t done, making it easier to scan the groceries and place into a bag. So it was harder to use your own bag or do without a bag.

Then the more recent wave of charging for bags, it’s really about using their bags not putting groceries in your knapsack. I had close to fights over that. They want your bag, I don’t want someone bagging. If you bag yiurself, the arrangement often isn’t convenient.

(1) The plastic bag supply chain was already producing millions of these every day for the many states and cities that haven’t banned them. And the bans have been pretty recent, so I doubt that any of the plastic bag production lines have been dismantled.

(2) You need FDA and state health department approval to manufacture and sell hospital-grade PPE. They are good and hardworking people, but their work model has always been to err way, way, way on the side of extreme caution.

There are shortages even of non-medical grade gloves, though, even the ones without a published AQL.

Same thing as toilet paper, no one expected the supply chain to be emptied in a three day period.

My guess would be that “panic use” is much closer to “normal use” for disposable plastic bags than for other products. Nobody’s grabbing 300 disposable back from behind the checkout counter as they leave the store.

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you are completely missing the point. this is about integrity. having a storefront is fine. having a storefront that consistently hocks items that this very site has taken vigorous stances against, is not. it is akin to having a green energy blog that allows its ‘storefront’ to advertise diesel emissions bypass kits. there are plenty of other sites with storefronts that sell things that do not run counter to the spirit of the site hosting them. the choice to use stacksocial is bewildering and disappointing. it leaves one to wonderer if boingboing still stands for anything, and more sadly, if it ever really did.

as i am sure is the case with many, boingboing has meant a lot to me over the years. i have visited it daily since its first year in existence. it is an internet home of sorts. to feel like those who run this site care so little for us, the readers, and the goodwill we’ve shared for so long is a hard pill to swallow. it is fucking depressing and i will call it out whenever i see it.

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