These vacuum sealers can add years to the life of your stored foods

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Do they work on :poop: ?


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Hey customers! Have you recently cleaned out the entire meat section of your local supermaket, and need a good way to store that meat indefinitely?
Well, boingboing is here for you!

Whether you are planning to keep meat fresh for months until the COVID-19 crisis abates, or to auction it off on eBay at 10x the sticker price, be sure that it stays in tip-top condition.



Those little small handheld ones are practically useless.

So Boing Boing is now promoting the sale of single use plastics? What’s the point of your pieces on saving the environment then?

The bags are reusable, although not indefinitely, you throw away (or recycle) the cut off end of the bag, turn the bag inside out and put it in the dishwasher.

I have a food saver that I use to reseal chips, baking mix, marshmallows and all sorts of other things that come in plastic bags. When bone-in chicken breast is on sale, I’ll buy 10 lbs or so, make stock out of the bones, vac and freeze a bag of tenders, and vac and freeze family sized servings of breast.

I thought we were already on that with using baggies for cell phones now.

So ok “multi-use” in some limited capacity but even you admit that each use creates waste. What is the point of using a bag then? Why not then use actually reusable containers with a full vacuum? I would be able to pull a vacuum on my contents AND not throw away the plastic. Also come on are you actually 100% sure that plastic is recyclable or are you throwing that in hoping to actually validate this product?

To recap, you’re selling a machine that pulls a vacuum on food to extend its shelf life at the cost of transporting your hardware, the accessories, powering the device and manufacturing all that plastic? What’s the carbon footprint on manufacturing? Do you only care about writing about the environment when you’re not peddling this plastic garbage?

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