Giveaway! Nomiku Sous Vide Immersion Circulator


Gadget looks cool, although I don’t understand the appeal of the cooking method.

BTW, are “Sous Vide” baggies reusable, or do you just throw them in the landfill?

They are generally reusable as any zip lock bag. So it is up to your usage patterns. I don’t reuse them since I only sous vide a few times a year.

I’d love one of these guys, but the only thing I enjoy more then using a kitchen tool is making one :slight_smile:

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They typically aren’t considered reusable, though you could. Its entirely possible to do it using mason jars, or other re-usable containers. The bags just provide closer contact with the food so the heat transfer from the water is better.

And the appeal is mostly about precision, and certain preparations that can’t be accomplished otherwise.Though I’ve been told there are better alternatives in terms of large food service equipment. I think it was called a c-vap oven? Basically an oven with similar precision of temperature control, allows for browning during cooking. Also I was told there was less moisture loss because the heat transfer is less aggressive than water or some such. But your usually talking about tens of thousands of dollars and a piece of equipment the size of a large refrigerator when you get into stuff like that.

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Oh, and the appeal is three fold. First, you cook off fewer aromas +you don’t overload your nose with them–at the least it gives the illusion of more flavor. Second you can cook to very precise temps easily. Last you can ‘set and forget’ or ‘don’t worry that your guests are late’. Perfect lamb chops and asparagus are easy if everyone is punctual, but more challenging if life gets in the way :slight_smile:

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I don’t participate in Apple’s ecosystem. How can I enter?

"Deadline is August at Noon PT. "

Say what now?

Noon 26th August 55BC?

Can I just get everyone else to unsubscribe to the podcast until the drawing is over? :wink:


Bboing unapple doubleplus ungood. Thinkpol rectify Schenck unperson.


Off-topic reply to compliment you on your choice of Avatar as your avatar, haha. One of my favorite scenes. “I wanna show you a trick mother showed me when you weren’t around…”

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Just like @stephen_schenck asked, any options to enter if I am using android and linux?

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