Do It For State: epic domain name shakedown article

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Sounds right.


Cheap Chinese to the rescue


Do you ever read a news story and think that the world might be a better place if every single person mentioned in it was taken out and quietly drowned? Yeah, that.


Also, any pawn shop anywhere.


“Okay, motherfucker,” Deyo recalled him saying. “”

It was only a matter of time before some basic training in tech was required for violent thugs. “Don’t forget to change the MX records, too, motherf*cker!”


I wonder what the law is? If someone forces you to wire money to someone, can you go to the police and have them stop it or reverse it or something? I suppose this is one of the “advantages” of crypto currency - if it’s Bitcoin, TSOL.

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And yet somehow the bogus pen company that owns has been sitting on that (clearly valuable) domain name forever.


I don’t know about that, but here in the UK, if you mistakenly give someone the wrong bank details, then Barclays bank won’t help you to get the money back if the new owner doesn’t volunteer to give it back.

(He did get the money back after spending £40,000 in legal fees, which Barclays refunded after the Guardian got involved.)


Do I ever not?

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The last time I checked out the local pawn shop, I was surprised how high the prices were. Now for tools the quality may have been higher than harbor freight, but the electronics were SERIOUSLY overpriced for obsolescent printers and stereos.
edited to say. The quality for tools generally DID appear to be higher than Harbor Freight. Much of that appeared to be professional rather than hobbyist-DIY stuff.


All for what is essentially a worthless domain. Nobody needs a catchy domain name any more.

If progressive-minded people keep tabs on the misogynistic/chauvinistic/alt-right/neo-nazi internet, learn what’s trending there and register the domain names it seems like a great way to annoy them in a low-level way. Could catch on?

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:musical_note: The things you do for state. :musical_note:

My cynical guess would that the larger amount you’ve lost, the easer it is to retrieve. Like, if you’re a billionaire and some Bane-wannabe pulls a “Dark Knight Rises” on you, you can always go to court and threaten to sue some entity. Whereas if you’re middle class and somebody drains your retirement fund, you’re basically screwed.

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