Martin Shkreli bought a domain with my name in it


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Surely this is proof you’ve struck a nerve.

Bravo :exclamation:


Oh I hope he fills it with some kind of content instead of just parking it. This will be hilarious.


That’s what I hope anyway.

Shkreli may not be a psychopath or a sociopath, but he certainly seems to determined to play one on the Internet.


What a great way to follow up earning a conviction on securities fraud! Extortion does seem like the next logical step, no? The alternative, as @summanulla notes, is to fill these domains with content, most likely defamatory, so he can earn some time in a Civil courtroom to top off his experience in the Criminal court room.


What a fuckwad.


Martin [ pharma bro] Shkreli bought a domain with my name in it

You’ve hit the big time now Rob!


We need to throw a party or buy you drinks or something


He shoulda bought - it’s for sale, BTW.


Yeah, you know Rob, I think you should start wearing this like a badge. Robbingsworth Q. Beschizza, Annoyer of the Shkreli


@beschizza you’re on the list now, buddy!


What do you think he will do? Post pics of your face with mouths where the eyes should be?


“I pissed off Martin Shkreli and all I got was this T-Shirt and a pending lawsuit…”


christ, what an asshole.


You’ve been made.




Do you think he’d accept content suggestions? I’m hoping it ends up elfquest themed.


It was one thing to do that with reporters that wrote about him - but people who simply link to articles about him? That’s a whole new level of petty/crazy. Presumably he’s only doing it to media people with significant followers, otherwise he’d be spending all his money creating domains of all the people trash-talking him, the weasely douchebag that he is.

Both succinct and accurate.

We can only hope!

At least he’s not Steve Bannon. He’s not trying to suck his own cock.


yes, but tell us something we didn’t already know. :slight_smile:


Surely it is elementary in this age to use some kind of proxy registrar to disguise one’s identity?

This activity suggests that he’s taking care of things himself instead of hiring knowledgeable people to get the job done right, in which case he probably won’t have the time to populate the domain with proper invective. Or, he’s just trying to stay in the spotlight and keep people writing about him, which would explain why he showed up to jury selection with the backpfeifengesicht. Or some combination of the two.


I’m sure if he could, he’d try to buy the domains with the names of his would-be jurors: