Drug price-hiker Martin Shkreli arrested on fraud charge


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It’s a Festivus miracle!


There’s no way a business leader could be engaged in something unethical. I’m sure there’s another side to the story. Don’t rush to judgement, I’m sure he’s a pillar of his community.


Well, as @bcookin pointed out in the other thread… he wasn’t arrested for ruining the lives of needy people.

He just got in trouble for stealing from other rich people.

Stealing from poor people is still totally okay.


Maybe he’ll finally get around to listening to his Wu Tang album now…


Martin Shkreli ! Come on down!



Leading people IS unethical.

Damn straight, baby! You bet there is!

The piller and his community pill-age?



“There’s a perfect compatibility between a new breed of completely unguarded narcissist and the ever-shallower way news is presented.”

This seems important.

It’s tougher for an industry or a political party to avoid being signified in media by Martin Shkreli and Donald Trump.

OTOH, is it new or a symptom of a fracturing national political consensus on the right? For example, didn’t the left have a similar issue after 1968 with media coverage of public statements by persons perceived by colleagues as outliers, like Mark Rudd?


Bet he’s a TRUMPMAN!!!


Nah, Trump’s populist.

Finance assholes are typically “don’t tax me bro” libertarian, so I’m thinking Rand Paul or maybe Jeb. Could even be Clinton, honestly, if he’s old money enough. Or maybe one of those “all politics is BS” people who think they’re too important to back policy as long as they’ve got money to make.


You hope it won’t last long, but we hoped that the recession caused by the 2008 economic meltdown wouldn’t last long.


From Bloomberg Business:

Bernie Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate, rejected a $2,700 campaign donation from him, directing it to an HIV clinic. A spokesman said in October that the campaign would not keep money “from this poster boy for drug company greed.”

(Come on, Bloomberg, “a Democratic presidential candidate?”)


No no no, you’re thinking like a pleb. You fund them all (in “secret”) so that no matter whowins they feel indebted to you.


He isn’t? Am I missing some subtext?


The implication is that Sanders is so obscure that an explanation of his identity is warranted, and in a sentence about a campaign donation at that. As if he were some fringe write-in kook. They wouldn’t bother telling us that Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump are presidential candidates.


And they got Al Capone on tax evasion. Sometimes, you take whatever schadenfreude you can get.


The federal case against him has nothing to do with pharmaceutical costs, however.

I guess that’s a “duh”, because if that were the case, all Big Pharma would be behind bars.



We start calling him Count Shkreli.

Because he’s a prime example of a vampire capitalist.

Also, it just fits: “Count Shkreli bids you send your daughter to his manor.”