Martin Shkreli buying domain names of people who write about him


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I know it’s redundant and common knowledge, but

##Christ, what an asshole!


So let me get this straight: Shkreli is a thin-skinned, fraudulent billionaire who routinely buys his way out of legal proceedings. He’s such a … he’s a complete and utter… he’s…



Don’t know about US laws, but in my country these people could legally claim the domain names and he would have to sign them over to them along with a legal fee for their attorney.


There is an obvious business opportunity here, for anyone with a blog who’s interested in picking up a few bucks in domain-name speculation.


Well, there’s a quick primer for you anyway…


Is still available?


You mean:
Christ, what a SHKRELI !
This should become a noun, verb and adjective.
And adverb: SHKRELY.



Total scumbag scum bagging, again.


can I hear a late stage capitalism?


The frightening thing is that if Shkreli was 10% less of an asshole than he actually is, he could have continued his schemes under the public radar and in the end done far more harm.


This is getting annoying.

Can we just fast-forward to the part where they find bodies in his basement?


I’d rather the kids learn about it in history class.

Or better still, when they find the real Martin Shkreli’s body in the basement and the lizard peoples plot unravels?


Yeah, I’m usually pretty patient, but someone seems to have hit the slo-motion button on his self-destruction. Resume normal speed, please.


US law: is primarily about protecting trademark holders and largely covers people setting up domain names with the intent of selling them to the trademark holders, but it does also include protections of personal names. I think he’s counting on his targets simply not caring or his being better in a better position to spend money in any court case.

I’m waiting for the part where he involves himself in something so shady, he ends up the victim. Like that Russian spam king (who also happened to be a pedophile) who brought back some teen girls to his apartment - only to have them drug him and let in their older, larger, male accomplice who beat him to death in the process of trying to extract his money.


Yes. Yes it is:


This makes me wonder: Why aren’t I buying up all kinds of cheap domains, just for the laughs?


Please allow me to correct that for you:



Talk about stupid and petty, he can never buy up every domain name associated with every person who ever criticizes him, it’s like cutting off the heads of a Hydra, he’s just creating more critics.