Martin Shkreli weeps as he is sentenced to 7 years in prison


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To quote Nelson: “ha haw!”


Christ, what an asshole.


It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.


The poor schmuck.

was hoping to see him crying…


Now how about the Purdue Pharma execs, or the guys who jacked the price of the Epipen up in the same way?


The story is great on its own! jfc there are so many great photos of this guy, just stop it with the mouth eyes gag already.


It is getting a little long in the tooth…



unfortunately, the price gouging was legal. he was arrested for securities fraud


Sounds about right. He can get out earlier with parole.

I do hope his sentence includes being perma banned from both the securities and pharmaceutical industries.


Hey, maybe Paul Manafort will be looking for a cellmate soon and they can be buddies!


And internet use.


Some times the system works.




This can’t be emphasized enough. It is perfectly fine from a legal standpoint to shaft the sick and through them, all of us for whom medical insurance is a significant expense. But defraud a few rich hedgies, and the law will sit up and take notice. Late stage capitalism at its late-state-capitalism-ist.


Where else are you going to get drool for tears??


He wept and we don’t have pictures? NOoooooooo! That should be the new standard, a replacement photo for smirking bro Shkreli. (I just did an image search for “shkreli wept” and it’s the usual smugness.) How could there not be cameras there!
I can’t get rid of this mental image of Shkreli crying in the court, still smirking.


it could have happened to Donald Trump.


Like I said in another thread: get back to me when Valeant goes down. They are the worst.


Let us close the door on this chapter of this man’s life in the most appropriate fashion: