The man with the Backpfeifengesicht will be sentenced today. How many years, and what’s his reaction? Make your predictions here!



The best we can hope for is a hearty “and I’m taking the rest of you down with me!” to the rotten industry that spawned him in a discarded pile of moldy pharmaceuticals that they threw away rather than let anyone get their hands on for less than their markup value.


It’s more likely to be smugness of a kind. All he can muster.


I just realized that Joe Lo Truglio needs to play Shkreli in the biopic…


“Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli is crying as he tells a judge preparing to sentence him that he made many mistakes."

Poor baby.


Short, easy sentence, please.
Then increase it 2000% after a few weeks, because roundabout is fair play.


Get back to me when Valeant goes down, too.

Shkreli is just a small fish. Valeant is pure poison in the lake.


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