Martin Shkreli weeps as he is sentenced to 7 years in prison


The Instructive thing to me is he wept and apologized to investors but shed no tears for the people he screwed by raising life-saving drugs beyond their reach. Which as we are all aware is somehow perfectly legal.
I hope the fucker looses some teeth and permanently parts with any peace of mind in the stir. Personally I’m not going to loose any sleep if that smirk of his gets him shanked on day one.
Profiteers are only a small step above child predators in my book.


Do not tempt @beschizza ; his 'shoop wrath is legend.



So many people, like this pathetic squirt, get a little taste of the money, and they quickly forget the cardinal rule:

Wherever there is injustice, you will find us. Wherever there is suffering, we’ll be there. Wherever liberty is threatened, you will find…The Three Amigos!





off topic-- but looks like that particular episode is free.


It’s not like he will go to Huntsville or San Quinten. Heck some nursing homes are worse than where he will end up.


Stylebook update: New official title is “convicted felon and fraudster Martin Shkreli”.


Yeah, unfortunately the Epipen thing was legal, but how are the Purdue Pharma execs who caused the opioid crisis - causing hundreds of deaths and billions of dollars of cost - not in jail?


That would be cruel and unusual!

Just like Shkreli.


I know with a felony he would have a difficult time getting a series 7 license.


Just like Pagliacci did
he tries to keep his sadness hid.


perhaps seven years of nights in prison, and days assisting hospice workers for aids patients who could no longer afford meds, would be appropriate


Does Cory still think this is a government conspiracy?


You can’t handle the tooth?


I’m not sure we want sociopaths working in hospice…



From memory, cameras aren’t allowed in the courtroom. But yes, this is the video the world needs to see.


Umm, you’re off by at least two orders of magnitude on the deaths. Perdue’s campaign to convince doctors that pain was being under treated is one of the most cynical and deadly business plans in modern history, and that’s really saying something.


Yeah, well, he made one mistake with that hedge fund thing.
He stole from rich people.