That douchebag pharma-bro hedge fund guy reversed the medicine price hike


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Apparently, he’s also an internet stalker


Forgive me for not being elated that a pile of fetid shit reversed his homicidal business practice, while the homicidal business practice is still perfectly legal and nothing’s actually been fixed.

Shkreli is a fucking monster. He deserves whatever ills befall his ethically and morally bankrupt ass.


Not sure if “reversed” is the right word. He said he would lower it due to the outcry. He didn’t say how much he would lower it. I also saw mention that after he announces what the new price will be, that he is going to make his Twitter private. I wouldn’t be surprised if this initial increase was just to make the real increase not look so bad.


As a dude who takes medication to prevent me from having uric acid kidney stones course through me again and again… And please excuse the offensive turn of phrase… But I really want to punch him in the dick repeatedly.


I know that nothing like this is actually going to happen, but it seems more and more like there is a good case for nationalizing drug companies. This is blood sucking rentier capitalism at its worst.


You got that covered. I’ll handle pissing on his grave. With any luck, I’ll corrode the fucking letters off his headstone.


Considering the circumstances, I’d say turnabout is fair-play.


Did you see when he hijacked all of the accounts? The day after Christmas. Yay.


I don’t understand why the guy didn’t press criminal charges for identity theft against Shit-reli. It would have been a slam dunk, and stopped the harassment as long as that shitstain was in prison for probably the rest of his life. The Feds do not take identity theft lightly.


Except it isn’t a drug company in this case. He’s an investment banker, just like the Masters of the Universe over at Goldman Sachs. I’ve no love lost for big pharma, but this is what the financialization of the US economy produces.


There’s a Roman official or two whose thirst for wealth was quenched by having molten gold poured down their throat. I’m not suggesting anything. I’m just pointing out this historical fact.


He’s got major blogs now posting headlines that he ‘reversed’ the increase, I’d say he’s doing pretty good right about now.


“doing pretty good” what? Doing pretty good PR damage-control? I don’t think all that many people have changed their mind about this human parasite. He’s not bothered apologizing. He’s spent all his time blaming people for being stupid when they get upset with the price hike. The thing is: We’re not stupid, we’re smart enough to know that making the drug costs his company next to nothing. His company didn’t develop the drug. And his company is refusing to allow any other possible competitors from running clinical trials with the drug.

It’s quite plain to see that he’s a monopolist holding people’s lives hostage. If he had a shred of human decency he’d come crawling to humanity on his pathetic yellow belly, and beg us for mercy and forgiveness.


Yeah, PR wise. I wasn’t empathizing with the tool, who is obviously a sociopath. I hope that this stays in the zeitgeist long enough to get some change rolling.


With any luck it will. I’ve already written letters to my congresspeople imploring them to close this loophole, and asking for them to support or even draw up mandatory licensing type legislation for drugs both on and off patent. If a pharma company is the only game in town for a generic drug they no longer have exclusivity to, they can’t be allowed to inhibit other company’s research and attempts to compete. It’s simple anti-trust, and wrong.


The free market works!


Market Forces, y’all!


How does a turd like this get to be CEO of a healthcare . . . oh wait, capitalism, regulatory capture and Donald Trump!


Would it be overly cynical of me if I think that after this all blew up and the biotech stocks dropped 5%, some of the bigger companies took him out back and taught him the rules? Something like, “Never, ever, ever, try to raise the price so fast all in one shot. Then you get silly people making demands to ‘fix the system’. No, we pass the patents around, slowly raising prices as we go and nobody’s the wiser. It’s a frog in the pot of water thing; by the time they notice the price has skyrocketed, it’s too late to get out”