Pharma price-gouger Martin Shkreli smirks at Congress, refuses to answer questions

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We’ll see how long this guy’s smirk lasts… he’s pissed off the Wu Tang Clan as well as Congress at this point- let’s see who wipes it off his face first.


Hmm…he’s actually a pretty handsome man, when he isn’t animating his face with his loathsome personality. Evil often comes with nice wrapping. This is why I find books that make the villains ugly and obvious so stupid and boring, including LotR (“Orcs! They are sentient beings, but they are black and ugly, so kill all you want and feel good about it!” :open_mouth: )

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You’re doing fine Shkreli, keep digging that hole!


Geez… if you are going to treat a Congressional committee with contempt, it should at least be the House Science committee during their climate change hearings…


I get the sense that karma is making a very wide, long, and deliberate approach to gather some real energy for this guy…


It must feel good to be a sociopath.


The last time I read LoTR I couldn’t help having a dislike of Samwise Gamgee. I wanted Frodo to give him the ring just before pushing him into Mount Doom.

I really couldn’t blame anyone if they ‘accidentally’ pushed Martin Shkreli into a volcano either.


Well, this is a guy who’s said he’s deliberately trying to be “the world’s heel” and is doing his best to troll people into hating him as much as possible. I guess everyone’s got a hobby.


“He was recently arrested on unrelated fraud charges and released on bond, thereby justifying his use of a phrase — “On the advice of councel… I respectfully decline” — used seemingly to mock his interrogators today.”

So…he was arrested on fraud charges – which were certainly about his time as CEO of the company they were investigating, you folks expect him to take ANY chance of indicting himself further? The man is most likely facing several years in jail at the very least…he knows that his life is about to change for the worse. I’d be mocking my captors too if I knew they were simply there toying with me trying to bully me into admitting that I was a bad person for doing EXACTLY what these folks had encouraged and made legal in other aspects – looking for the one area that may not be legal – to set an example of me.

The man deserves to go to jail, but the things that Congress were investigating him for were all of their own doing. They set the laws and pretty much caved in to every pharm company that gave them a couple bucks to change laws…and now they want to put the blame on someone else. Congress is more at fault for this gouging than Shkreli ever was.


Couldn’t get more than 1/4 through the 1st book, but from that & the film it seems he was quite the groveling, worshipful, epitome of the servant class, while Pippin and Merry were the resourceful English Yeomen.


Point taken, but no one forced him to charge dying people $750 per pill.

Really? He’s the epitome of “ratfaced” in my book. Which happens to fit his actions perfectly.


Yeah, I can’t stand the guy, but I can’t fault him on taking the 5th here. That’s what it’s there for. This is Congress trying to make him the scapegoat for their own ill-thought decisions, and there’s no point in giving them any ammo or even more of a bully pulpit.

That said, I hope he gets nailed to the wall for the fraud and SEC violations.

Edit: oh yeah, calling the Congress “imbeciles” is a really good way to make sure they leave you alone. Of course it’s true, but it’s best not to call them out on it. Everyone knows the emperor has no clothes. I am glad I am not this turd’s lawyer.


That had been my impression up until today. The non-smirking photos over at Gawker were actually pretty nice looking. Nice chin dimple. Too bad about the sociopathy…

Exactly. All he did was bring the Wall Street hedge funder mentality to Pharma. “push the law to it’s limits and get all you can”. Pharma people, as rapacious as they are, did not dare do something as bold as leverage an old drug for a quick $3/4B before competitors were in production.

Reminds me of a friend who worked at a Tower Records and frequently took a couple of CDs, as did much of the staff. A new guy came who filled duffles, and the management had to get serious about the inventory shrinkage that previously had been tolerated as an affordable perk of the low paid.


Although I think this whole hearing is a sham and grandstand for “oh shit, they’re watching! Look busy, congress!”…

The term, “hiding behind the 5th Amendment” is the most Anti-American title for invoking constitutional rights. Being accused of “Hiding behind”, any amendment is a sure sign that the group or person accusing the “hider” wishes they could do what they want and ignore the rule of law. Free speech got ya down, don’t like the other person’s views? Waah. “Hiding behind the 1st amendment”.

It’s just a goddamn piece of paper after all. -_-


Do we not ALL hold congress in contempt, to some degree? Some large degree?


No, but the laws were changed by these very people in order to make it possible and probable. In no way am I defending the man from this charge. I’m defending him from going in front of a kangaroo court, being judged by people far slimier than he is and far more guilty.

No, they generally do this up front. And with first run drugs as opposed to ones that have moved into generic versions.


I’ve heard it described as the World’s Most Punchable Face!