After Twitter ban, Pharma bro Martin Shkreli boasts about his new account, which is immediately banned


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The photo for this article is absolute genius and I think I spat coffee everywhere.


Pharma bro Martin Shkreli boasts

Pharma Douche bro Martin Shkreli boasts



This guy needs a real-life Mike Ehrmantraut in his life in the worst way.


I think he’s out of control.


someone needs to do this to him:


I suppose one thing that religious Christians have going for them is that they can imagine this asshole rotting in hell and know that he’ll be punished in the end for diobeying at least 4 of the 7 deadly sins (plus both archaic sins!)

Unfortunately, my religion doesn’t have a hell, so I just take comfort in knowing that this sad, pathetic fuck has no friends, no social structure, and pretty much lives like Scrooge McDuck (with less charm) locked up in his lonely castle.


You don’t debate Nazis, you smash them.

Pharma douche needs some serious karmic readjustment. Sooner pls.

This needs a “late stage capitalism” or "Christ! What an asshole!"
why not both


I’m not familiar with that term. What are the two archaic sins?


Sheep-worrying and pedantry


Violence never solves anything.


Sure it does. It provides people who need a punch in the face with something they are sorely lacking.


Acedia, which is like sloth but more ecumenical; and Vanagloria, which is kinda like narcissistic boasting


I initially misread this as Pharma Double bro.


He’ll be dead by the time he’s 40.


Congrats- you’ve won a solo cruise on the SS Minnow!


How I wish Mike was a real, live person.


God, that never gets old. Feckin Nazi feck.


acedia and vainglory, apparently.

Did you know that Pride is a deadly sin?


I agree. Mostly, violence is wrong but there are those that most certainly deserve it. This douchebag is one of those.