Pharma bro Martin Shkreli suspended from Twitter after harassing reporter


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Oh please Trump next oh please Trump next oh please please please


Good. Throw him out with the rest of the garbage.


Oh good. At least Martin Shkreli won’t become president on the back of a grassroots hate campaign.


Twitter has a history of being pretty fickle when it comes to banning people, haven’t they?


And nothing of value was lost.


I have reoccurring, absurd heist-movie-style fantasies about Shkreli (and similar, such as Trump and his family) being taken for everything that they’re worth. As in, they wake up one day to discover all their accounts have been emptied, their assets have been sold off, all the furniture in their apartment, outside the bedroom where they were sleeping, has disappeared… Shkreli could have his Twitter back then, I suppose.
I’m desperate for fantasies to keep me sane over the next four years, I guess.


Why can’t we have all that and they wake up in a bath of ice without their kidneys.

OK, I’ll be kind. They can keep one kidney. I’ll let you decide if that is one each or one between them.


Good for Twitter.


Which brings me to a question I keep asking myself: does assholedom have a right wing bias, or do I just not run into accounts of left wing assholes very much?


They’re called homeopaths.


Right wingers are more ideologically compatible with idiosyncratic narcissists with a gift for self-promotion. So we tend to see right wing assholes more.

On the left, the quietly gross ones.



+1 +! +1 to @beschizza for using that Lazytown character for Shkreli.

Also for reminding me of Lazytown which is one of those shows that you are really glad when other people reference it because this lets you know that you didn’t just imagine it:


I’m tempted to go all ‘no true Scotsman’ here … which would be fallacious … but … I wonder if that could be framed in a way that wasn’t fallacious?

(for an example (and at the risk of Godwinning myself); the NSDAP has at least two furphies in its name)

Edit: Dawkins would be an example of a left wing arsehole.


You didn’t imagine it.

Unfortunately, there’s an _ungodl_y amount of sexual memes & gifs regarding the pink hued character.


If you get a chance to watch or hear Lauren Duca absolutely destroy Tucker Carlson on whatever his crap show is now, you will not be disappointed.

She is a force to be reckoned with and I hope she can become a more public figure (if she so chooses) and not be harassed out of the public sphere as so many women are when they speak.

One of the things we could do was make this less about the douche bro shkreli and more about the amazing and brave Lauren Duca. Unfortunately it takes bravery to do what Ms. Duca does, luckily she has it in quantity.


I’m confused. What is the problem?


So the president would have to resort to moving out of Trump Tower and spend the rest of his term slumming it in the White House? That’s no place for a president to live.


I’m convinced Lazy Town was a shared hallucination.