Pharma bro Martin Shkreli suspended from Twitter after harassing reporter




Pharma bro


Problem: Taking Trump for all he’s worth would only net you a mountain of paper hiding a mountain of debt.


Douche Lives Matter!


We learn something new everyday.


I had never heard of her until I watched that clip (always love Tucker getting his ass handed to him ) and she utterly destroyed. an absolute masterclass in how to handle those rightwing chucklefucks. New hero.


Are there people who consider Shkreli some kind of role model or hero?

Where do they live?

Please tell me so I can never, ever go near there.


The biggest question for me is why is Martin Shkreli reading Teen Vogue?


I was thinking for it’s excellent political coverage but then… Shkreli… so maybe not.


To find female journalists to harass?


Do f*x news “journalists” always have that befuddled look on their faces when trying to understand, y’know, words? Like they’ve been slapped across the face with a shoe.


Why is he not in prison?


Tucker’ll never change.


Is this Comrade Delta actually an example of leftwing arsehole, or is he a right-wing arsehole masquerading as a left-winger. The ‘no true Scotsman’ bit comes in from thinking “well, if he’s actually a senior official in the SWP, then WTF is he doing harassing junior female members?” But power corrupts, regardless of which side you ahem dress.


You take the assets - you leave the debt.


Jesus what is wrong with that guy.

Some of these people should look up what happened to the French Aristocracy when they got tired of their shit.


Yes, I agree! Why doesn’t Tucker Carlson get slapped across the face with a shoe more often?

(That’s what you said, right?)

I think I’m too delicate, because the thought of people eating what he’s dishing out keeps me up at night. He is such a transparent buffoon that I can’t believe anyone gives him a platform. It’s all flimsy rhetoric and disingenuous pantomime.


Pick up tips? What do teenage girls worry about so he can neg them?


I read up on the backstory of that show, being completely unfamiliar with it. Did jon stewart really kill it? Jon stewart is the gift that keeps on giving.


Unfortunately, Twitter is actually very consistent - their rule appears to be that you can be as much of a dick as you like (including death threats & some really egregious pro-genocide stuff) as long as you don’t target anyone too prominent.

If you go after a celeb or prominent public figure, Twitter may take notice. Everyone else is fair game