Smirking pharmabro Martin Shkreli to employee's wife: "I hope to see you and your four children homeless"


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Only Shkreli could make one feel a hint of sympathy for an executive at a dodgy pump-and-dump hedge fund.

Me, I hope to see Shkreli with a home and regular meals … for the next 30 years (or 25 with good behaviour).


What kind of hand writing is this illegible nonsense?!?


I would guess he developed that particular quirk from years of forging prescriptions…


It’s the handwriting of another psychopath whose actions indicated an extreme indifference to human life: Jack the Ripper.


Why do we shy away from simply referring to him as a sociopath? “Known sociopath Martin Shkreli stole a child’s puppy and drowned it for funsies because he is an example of literally what we’ve based our concept of evil on.”


Whose blood was he using in that fountain pen?


this needs to happen to him…over and over again.


I honestly thought it was Albert Fish’s letter, put in the article as a gag.


How is it possible that Shkreli is NOT currently our Vice President? He’s everything that the GOP loves, a man without conscience, ethics or morals of any kind.


Semi-literate Victorian. Or an attempt to look like it. It’s the “from hell” letter attributed to Jack the Ripper. Preserving line breaks and without the punctuation edits that it usually gets when reprinted, it reads:



Head of the FDA or surgeon general, perhaps?


Drug Czar? Trump is a straight shooter, he likes to hit the “core philosophy is diametrically opposed to stated mission of office” thing pretty square on the nose


Ah, thank you! Sometimes I wish the posters on BB would just let the rest of us in on the joke. :wink:


I came in here for a “late stage capitalism” or maybe the ever-popular "Christ, what an asshole!"
but was disappoint, so I had to do em both meself

what is this ‘blarg’ coming to I asks ye?
(pretty sure that’s how the kids these days spell it, ats what it sounds like anywharg)


Shkreli for head of the Affordable Prescription Drug Policy Task Force!


Oh. . . that’s rich.

(Pun intended.)


It looks like the mad scribblings of a tweaker or base head.


Okay, Jack the Ripper ftw.


This ass makes an increasingly strong case for corporate death penalty including the CEO.