Martin Shkreli is in jail with terrorism and mob suspects, and no Internet


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Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.


Why is this guy’s head still attached to his body?



Would it be wrong for me to offer a cigarette in exchange for a lock of his hair?


I can’t help but think that in a well regulated world someone like Shkreli would be receiving appropriate treatment or, if his condition is untreatable, being monitored and being banned from certain classes of activity. What I’ve seen of him suggests that there’s something wrong with his brain functioning.

Politicians are very reluctant to pass laws mandating diagnosis of and suitable treatment of psychopaths. One might wonder why,


I have no love for Shkreli, but I hope he’s treated well in jail, as I do every other inmate. Wishing violence on someone in prison is just plain barbaric, no matter what they’re guilty of.


Wrybread, like you I don’t wish physical violence on him. But I do hope it scares the shit out of him. We can only hope that whatever terror comes his way before his official sentencing–where, as he himself asserts, he’ll be sent to some sort of “Club Fed” and his only punishment will be not being able to stroll out the door whenever he pleases–will be some sort of shock to his system. No violence, but the whole point of incarceration is punishment and rehabilitation, neither of which I think will occur. Showering him in all the amenities of home at Club Fed (which I’m guessing also includes internet access) isn’t what I’d call a punishment. If he stays at this place until sentencing, may it leave him pissing his pants in fright every day for the rest of his life.


Martin Shkreli is in jail with terrorism and mob suspects, and no Internet

Home sweet home.


Deprivation of internet is sufficient punishment for this brah. Further violence is very unnecessary.


I don’t know exactly why or if lack of such laws is true in all jurisdictions, but if “psychopathy” is interpreted (rightly or wrongly) by most jurists (voters!!!) as not falling under the aegis of ‘mental incompetency’, then politicians won’t budge. On juries, “an eye for an eye” usually trumps “thou shall not kill” if the crime is bad enough and in spite of any actual mental incompetency… hence, apparently little money (if any at all) is allocated for diagnosis or treatment.


came for that. Leaving satisfied.


“Bummer, dude.”


better criminal school!


Would it be mean to write him in prison just to taunt him?


on the contrary, he would love the attention.
Better to leave him alone in obscurity, a far harsher punishment.


Not even just punishment, but genuinely a public safety issue. It’s easy to joke about him being a pharma-bro who wants to be a hip-hop bad-ass, but he has the social media following and the money to mobilize people and terrorize others.


Depriving him of the attention he appears to crave will likely be perceived as violence on his part. I’m pretty OK with that. The judge did the right thing by jailing him and taking away his soapbox.


Yay, let’s all celebrate the carceral state!


We can send him books that we think he should read, just think of the possibilities! I’m voting for The Little Puppy Who Lost His Way.