Martin Shkreli weeps as he is sentenced to 7 years in prison


We’ll have to make do with this.


There is no parole in the federal prison sentence. He can get off early for “exemplary behavior”, but that is limited to about 1 year of his 7 year sentence.


So - potentially 5 1/2 years given his time served.



Even though it’s a drawing, still looks fake to me. “Appearing remorseful” rather than actually being truly remorseful. And aren’t socio/psychopaths incapable of feeling emotions such as remorse and empathy anyway?


Not to mention they look more like young Stephen King with a beard than they do the Pharma-bro…


Maybe he grew the beard while behind bars to try to avoid getting punched in his smirking pharma-bro face?


Numfar! Do the Dance of Schadenfreude!


Rob, you could send him a box of cigarettes, and tell him you’ll send the second box when he releases robbeschizzadotcom (I edited this four times so it won’t link)

Not to reward him, but, y’know, for the story.


But in Shkreli’s case, crocodile tears. He obviously doesn’t feel any remorse, these are manipulative tears of “don’t punish me.”


Looks like it came from Harpers.


My only regret is that Shkreli is the only Pharma scumbucket being sent to prison. Who are the others? Just look at the executives and directors for every pharmaceutical country in the U.S.




I can’t help but notice that he’s not gong to jail for jacking up the price of a life-saving drug. That’s perfectly fine, apparently. The unforgivable crime that finally got Shkreli some jail time was daring to cheat rich shareholders. THAT is the only real crime he’s committed in today’s America. Hurray, the system works. (kill me now)


I’m sure he regrets getting sentenced. Sociopaths hate losing.


For a moment, I was reminded of the Vindaloovians:


My apology to the community. My comment was flagged.

My opinion of this individual is very low. His smug face when he went up before congress, laughing I might add, while they question him about the price increase of Daraprim.
His business practice of pure greed is an accepted standard today and is far too tolerated.

He has not a single once of remorse for all the family’s he impacted and I hope they make him serve every day day of what is a far lighter sentence then he deserves.



Okay, cool, I guess. Why though is everyone celebrating? He’s probably going to a minimum security white collar resort. He’ll be living better than most of us. Calm down.