Martin Shkreli weeps as he is sentenced to 7 years in prison


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In the immortal words of the Black Eyed Peas “Ain’t no running from Karma, ain’t no running”.


I’d like to thank him for doing more than anyone else to raise awareness of pharmaceutical price gouging. Without his groundbreaking work, stories like the epi pen and insulin price hikes would have been too complex to get into the media, but by going above and beyond to wake up the public, the people may finally be angry enough to do something about it.

Good luck in prison, Martin. Hey, the federal pen beats state pens, and I hope you do something more useful with your life from here on. Horrible example is really not a good choice.


Liked for Smokey lyrics, also because it reminded of this alt-ending to the old joke (e.g. in Watchmen) that I saw recently:


If 45 becomes 46, there’ll be an SEC head position waiting for him.


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