Do Not Drive: Toyota says airbag inflators on some 2003-2005 models are bad

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My 2006 Highlander is just waiting for its chance, I know it.


Well, there can be only one.


“Owners SHOULD NOT DRIVE these vehicles until the FREE safety recall repair has been conducted,”

Is Toyota offering to send mechanics out to do home/roadside fixes or are they paying to have vehicles towed to dealerships?

Or are owners expected to push the vehicles there?

It’s weird that they’re still adding new vehicles to this recall after all these years. I mean, haven’t we gotten to the point where it’s obvious Takata didn’t know how to do airbags & we should just get rid of all of them?

maybe each car company is taking turns? Or maybe you can’t (won’t) issue a recall until a certain number of people are dead in each model?

Don’t worry Toyota that manual C59 transmission in my 04 fell apart at 209k.
Fourteen years wasn’t a bad run.

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