Millions of recalled Hyundai and Kia cars still on the road. It's the "spontaneous fires" problem, not the "easy to steal" problem

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Nothing worse than stealing a car for a TikTok challenge and having it burst into flames on you.

Although I bet you could get a lot of ‘likes’ if you posted the video.

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Oof, had me sweating about my 2014 Kia Soul, but seems I dodged this particular bullet. Honestly, I really like the car, so it’s sad to hear Kia’s going back to its sketchy quality days.


If you think your car might be on the list, here’s a URL to check for recalls. You’ll need the license plate number or VIN. Check for Recalls: Vehicle, Car Seat, Tire, Equipment | NHTSA

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Thanks for posting. Our 2010 Kia Sedona is good. Hard to believe it is that old. Probably our last van. We used to take the kids camping a lot. When they brought friends loading it up was a bit like a game of Tetris.

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You’re welcome. I looked it up to check my 2009 Kia Rondo. The story said 2010, but I was a bit antsy anyway.


fuses that reduce the boards’ electrical currents

Some critics say the companies may be trying to save money by identifying the solution as a new fuse, which is far less expensive than fixing the fluid leaks.

:exploding_head: Let me see if I have this right…

They are replacing a fuse with a resistor, not fixing the anti-lock brake circuit that’s apparently arcing, just running it under its specified power, and not fixing the root cause of the leak that’s spraying oil onto the arcing circuit. Did I understand that correctly?

Perhaps having the car stolen is the better outcome. :thinking:

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