Doctorow Interview that isn't just about DRM

So, as some here know, I’m a fan of @Doctorow’s work. I tend to listen to his podcasts and keynotes but, lately, they’ve almost all mostly focused on his anti-DRM work. Having heard his arguments two dozen times (and also being a Mozillian), I’m a bit burned out on those. That said, I found this interview he did on London Real this last November. He has a 10 minute or so section on DRM late in it but most of the interview is about writing, his worldview, being an activist, Aaron Swartz, and other topics. For those that haven’t heard a lot of Cory’s speeches or podcasts, this would probably be a good thing to hear.

You can hear the entire interview as an audio here:

The first half on video is here:

London Real has the whole thing up as a video but they require you to register on their site, which I’m not going to bother to do.


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