I interviewed Cory Doctorow for the Cool Tools Podcast

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/03/20/i-interviewed-cory-doctorow-fo.html


Good get!


Definitely adding this to the list of official Boing Boing taglines.


without listening to the podcast, I’m guessing the total silence over Cory’s departure is maintained.
and yet, he’s still (unsurprisingly) cool with Mark. gee, I wonder what it could have been?



BoingBoing has never been a tech blog if that’s what you’re insinuating. There’s hundreds of great ones out there for you to choose from. And for someone so disillusioned with this site you sure seem to spend a lot of time here complaining about it.


It could just be that he decided to spend his time focusing on other things rather than there being any drama behind the scenes… Of course, we don’t know either way. But given that @doctorow has still had some posts here, and that he’s participating in @frauenfelder podcast, I’d guess that it’s less likely to be drama?



hm, I didn’t know he’d posted here post-departure. must’ve missed that. not trying to stir up shit, but low-key holding a grudge, I guess.

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To be more clear, I was actually not aware that Corey had left for good until your comment, and have no qualms / complaints with any specific individuals, although I did suspect something was up, since he is posting less and less.

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Well, I obviously like some stuff, but there are a bunch of things going on that would take a long time to really hash out and it doesn’t really seem like a good time, situation, or context.

Things are getting weird in my city and I think I might be confused about my mental states and moods at times so I’m going to work that out and try to slow down.

It was a recent post…

Yeah, I’m sad to not see Cory around here as much, but who knows why he backed off.


He’s gone on the record (if Twitter counts as such) about no longer being affiliated with the site. I’m personally mixed about it-- I like a lot of the causes he championed, but I found his tone got to be really grating. If you open with “<Person goes here>, an asshole,…” I’m going to close that tab and read something else.

Yes, I’m aware that he’s no longer affiliated with BB. My POINT is that we don’t know why and aren’t privy to their internal discussions about it. But he’s clearly not burned all bridges here, given he’s participating in this podcast…


Okay… that’s… fine. :woman_shrugging: Not sure what that has to do with my larger point, but okay.


I think the shift in his tone has a lot to do with his departure, that’s all.

I actually feel strangely honored

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Alright so TIL the position you want to be is I guess called PHIMBY: https://www.lamag.com/citythinkblog/who-are-the-phimbys/

NIMBY is a goto for me to hurl because it sounds ridiculous in one’s mind’s ear

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