Cory Doctorow "process post" on pluralistic

Okay, so call me a fanboy, but Cory formerly of this parish has just posted a fantastic piece about how he writes (amazingly, one year old already):


So, why do I do all this?

First and foremost, I do it for me . The memex I’ve created by thinking about and then describing every interesting thing I’ve encountered is hugely important for how I understand the world. It’s the raw material of every novel, article, story and speech I write.

And I do it for the causes I believe in. There’s stuff in this world I want to change for the better. Explaining what I think is wrong, and how it can be improved, is the best way I know for nudging it in a direction I want to see it move.

The more people I reach, the more it moves.

When I left Boing Boing, I lost access to a freestanding way of communicating. Though I had popular Twitter and Tumblr accounts, they are at the mercy of giant companies with itchy banhammers and arbitrary moderation policies.


It’s been almost exactly a year I left Boing Boing, after 19 years. It wasn’t planned, and it wasn’t fun, but it was definitely time. I still own a chunk of the business and wish them well. But after 19 years, it was time for a change.

A tantalising hint to the nosey parker in me that still wants to know what went down, even though the reason is probably far more prosaic than imagined.