Document reveals that U.S. military knows force-feeding Gitmo detainees violates medical ethics


Well yea the US knows it. Not like this is secret information. The trick is to get the ones in power to stop doing it.


They’d have to have been particularly blind or be wilfully ignoring something that’s published on the websites of medical associations the world over. It isn’t like medical ethics are some kind of body of hidden knowledge into which only practitioners of the Art are inducted.


Is anybody else reading a definite sneer into the scare quotes that surround ‘forced feeding’?

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the ‘forced feeding’ of a mentally competent person capable of making an informed decision is never acceptable

Oh, but anyone mentally competent would clearly never go on a hunger strike and would gladly divulge any and all enemy secrets. The original Catch-22! (Really!)


It was done as retribution for daring to protest ones captivity. Torture, plain and simple.


I cannot imagine how horrible their lives must be that dying of hunger seems like the best outcome.

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Are you saying that the largest and most powerful military industrial complex in the world that invests hundreds of billions every year into research on how to kill, maim, threaten and coerce people, that has an iron grip on your whole nation, having set up a finely tuned system of fear, nationalism and economic bondage to provide a never-ending feed of young blood to grease its gears knows what they´re doing?


It also isn’t any kind of secret that torture is illegal under both US and international law (to which the USA is a signatory.)

What’s your point?

The US military knows things that any adult in the 21st century should be expected to be able to work out for themselves?

Naah, it’s not bad when the USA is doing it. It’s for freedom!
It’s only evil if someone else does it.

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Apologists make the argument that it wasn’t torture it was “medical treatment”. So rebuttal is required for both the wrong that is torture and the lie that it was treatment.

Plus I was being snarky. :grin:

But as I’m not from the US, I’ll let this American give you what is also my take on US history and the its foreign policy.

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