Cheney insists rectal feeding was for medical reasons, not torture




He swatted away evidence

Ah, so the usual, then.


There’s the persistent ambiguity here: We don’t torture. . . but those bastards deserve torture anyway. He keeps jumping back and forth between them.

What an asshole.


Giving Cheney additional press for crap that you already know what he’s going to say demonstrates the weakness of American journalism; no surprises from NBC. Putting Bush Admin zombies on television is a great way to stir up ratings but in now way provides any constructive dialogue for this topic, on the telly or on this website.


Everyone loves a piñata


He’s intimately familiar with rectal feeding. It’s how he was educated, along with all the other crazy conservos.


Cheney should keep his mouth shut now! The whole world knows that anything coming out of it is pure bullshit. He’s long past the point of having any cred at all.


This is hilarious. He now claims this but he hasn’t even read the report himself! Sounds like someone is backtracking as slowly as possible, before the inevitable swarm of people gets to him.

Additionally, rectal feeding has no medical anything. It is literally not a medical procedure tied to anything going on - it is not approved for usages like this, so go figure that even the guardian would miss that.

It was come up with by a pair of unqualified people as a torture method, not a medical method.


Well maybe something will finally come out of it that there will be no option but to indite him.


Cheney is a sack of shit. I don’t know who I loathe more - him or his puppet, Bush.


let me fix that for you: “Cheney insists rape was for medical reasons, not torture”


Anyone claiming rectal feeding was done for medical reasons doesn’t have the slightest idea of how the human digestive tract works.


I’d like to know exactly what clear line he and his team didn’t cross. When he says, “We were very careful to stay short of torture…” then where, exactly, does that line begin, Mr. Cheney? If a person is being waterboarded, is it then necessary to cut off their fingers and toes to make it torture, or do the phalanges merely need a good breaking? Do rectal feeding sessions also require a swift kick to the balls, or many kicks? Help us understand, Dark Lord Cheney, we are your humble minions.


Re: rectal feeding.

How hard is it for someone to voluntarily starve themselves to death, anyway? I know some folks have been successful, but it has to be one of these things that – most of the time – the fellow on the hunger strike gives in. As a jailer, ought you not just offer them four square meals a day and wait them out?


“we used the largest Ewal [sic] tube we had”

Was it also medically necessary to use the largest possible tube?

Let’s be honest and call it what it is - rape. This is rape and I want people in jail for it.

Two cases of possible hunger strikes… maybe… the rest had nothing at all to do with hunger strikes.

The CIA forced the nutrient enemas on two detainees who attempted hunger strikes, a third who “partially refused liquids”, a fourth “without a determination of medical need”, and a fifth whose case details are not divulged.


It really irritates me that news organizations are calling this “feeding” or using any other word for it than what it is; sexual torture.


I think that after couple days of not eating you lose the feeling of hunger. Uncle Google should know more.


What would a Dick know about rectal feeding?


It’s pretty hard, but for someone who would really, really rather be dead than be going through what they are going through, I don’t think it’s a stretch. Some of the people who were waterboarded eventually stopped trying to fight it and just let themselves inhale water. If you think it’s tough to get over your instinct to eat while you are hungry, think about trying to overcome your instinct to fight when you are drowning.

This, to me, is the ultimate in cruelty. After torturing people to the point that they’ve simply given up on living, what is the further point of forcing them to eat or resuscitating them when they let themselves drown? Why do you want this thing you have destroyed to still be alive? Do you think that they’ve given up on breathing but they are still holding onto secrets you need to extract? The joy that Cheney feels knowing that other people are suffering at his command must be pretty huge.


I wouldn’t mind if Cheney got an “extraordinary rendition” and a fair trial in Hague.
I would even help.