Documentary about anarchist punk band Crass


Still dreaming of an anarchist musical ensemble whose music I could happily listen to.

ps. I do have a Crass boxed set.

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Aren’t the concepts of “Music” and “Anarchy” pretty heavily opposed? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, wait, we’re talking a punk band - music doesn’t enter into the equation. :smiling_imp:

Now that I think about it, a performance of Terry Riley’s “In C” comes about as close to musical anarchy (where both words contribute equally) as anything I can think of, but I doubt that such a thing would really ever be part of Crass’ repetoire. Plus, the composer dictated the raw materials and order of performance, even if when to change from one to another was up to each individual performer. A bit too centrally-managed for any real anarchist, I suspect.

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All the Crass-haters are sadly lacking in aesthetic judgment.

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