Documentary on Milton Glaser and the legendary I ❤ NY logo

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As someone who loves design, NYC, urbanism, and the ideals of liberal democracy I’ve been very much looking forward to this documentary. Glaser’s voice, like that of Jane Jacobs, is one that we need to hear as darkness is resurgent in the West.


I was in NY the other day, at a touristy spot, and was tempted to buy a mug with this iconic logo.

But then I realized, I really do not.

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Many years ago, when my wife and I were first dating, we had blogs as one did in those days. Her site was called “Matted Spam”, the name was chosen because she’s a huge fan of Badfinger, and she liked the sound of it.

I created a bumper sticker for her that said “I :heart: Matted Spam” and put it up on Cafepress so I could order one for her. I left it up, figuring it was no big deal; if anyone wanted it, they could buy it. I don’t think anybody else bought it, because why would they? It’s for an essentially unknown blog.

What I did get were cease-and-desists from both Hormel Foods for using “Spam” and from the lawyers protecting the creative rights of “I :heart: NY”.

That’s still not as bad as the Viacom takedown of a speed drawing video I had up on YouTube that I had made the mistake of naming “Help”. They claimed they had the rights to it, even though there was no audio, and it had absolutely nothing to do with The Beatles’ song. The drawing itself was of a man being eaten by a carnivorous plant (comic style, no gore, feet first).

I tried fighting it, but that was when Viacom was running rampant, and it ended up being a permanent black spot on my YouTube account, and totally derailed my video posting plans.

As for this, I look forward to watching both it and the longer interview.


How I wish I lived in New York :slightly_frowning_face:


My “I heart” series is a little different…

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It’s not for everyone, but as the trailer shows Glaser embodies many of its best qualities.

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Lawyers are gonna lawyer. Often the artists whose IP interests they represent are horrified by the legal actions taken in their names.

ha - back when the relevant Harry Potter movie came out, i made a “Dumbledore Lives” t-shirt on Cafe Press, just so i could order one for myself. It was quite quickly pulled down by them, but at least i got my shirt. : )

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