Docuseries LuLaRich exposes the predatory, pyramid scheme-like practices of a multi-level marketing company

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How to Make 1 Million Dollars with MLM

Step 1: Start with 2 Million Dollars

Step 2: Blow 1 Million on Whatever Overpriced Crap They’re Selling

Step 3: Congratulations! You’re a millionaire!


MLM always reminds me of being an economic version of the undead, between zombies or vampires.


For anyone interested in a very thorough treatment (superficial down to, well, it’s run by a forensic accountant) of the MLM world, you can get as much or little as necessary at Pink Truth.


That MLMs are even legal tells you everything you need to know about the priorities of capitalism and the law with regard to the welfare of human beings.


If you’re thinking of trying to make money with an MLM, just deal drugs instead.

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No there is one actual path to making money in MLM’s if you are not an actual employee or owner of the MLM.

Buy your way to Blue Diamond, Golden Horseshit or what ever the top sales level is in the MLM. Then you make a bunch prosperity gospel style self help media and live events pumping up all the other marks in the MLM. Just don’t forget to make sure that you also tell the marks that if it’s not working for them that they are not putting enough effort in.

Since you’ve got a captive audience, you can charge pretty exorbitant rates for all the media you make.


The first video production job I had was a pretty dark time in my life.

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Does LuLaRoe really incorporate a top-down view of a pyramid in their logo? Pretty ballsy.

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The stupid thing is, LLR had a product that people really liked. They could’ve made just as much money selling these in any sort of normal way. People liked the fact that they had crazy prints and they’re really soft. I buy the knockoff ones on amazon because cheap shit from China from Amazon is still better than an MLM.

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The closest I’ve come to an MLM is my wife’s insistence that some of Arbonne’s products are worth using. Which I disagree with, given I’ve found inexpensive versions of every bit of woo-laden “health” nonsense they sell, but at least she knows it’s an MLM and doesn’t buy in fully. I can’t imagine bankrupting yourself for questionably-printed leggings.

The parental unit bought n sold amway for a brief time period when I was a young one. the products were (mostly) legit, but we never got rich from it, but we also didn’t lose our shirts on it, either. (mostly because we didn’t have the money to really buy into it whole hog.)

I watched this documentary. Not very interesting. For anyone who is familiar with pyramid schemes the whole story was totally predictable.

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